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Mare Breeding Form

Client Contact Information


Mare Information

If yes, was she intended to carry the pregnancy or was she used as an embryo donor, please describe.

Previous Breeding History

If your mare has never been bred, please skip to "General Health Questions"
Examples: live cover, fresh/cooled, frozen Please describe methods use and if they resulted in a confirmed pregnancy.
Examples: culture and sensitivity, biopsies, fluid checks post breeding etc. Please describe.
Examples: antibiotics, lavages, PRP etc. Please describe
Has your mare ever been confirmed pregnant?(Required)
Has your mare ever lost a foal during pregnancy?(Required)
Has your mare ever carried a live foal to term?(Required)

General Health Questions

Examples: cushings, insulin resistance, etc.
Examples: laminitis, tendon/ligament injury, navicular disease, etc.

Current Breeding Season

If yes, please list the breeding modality you are using (fresh cooled, frozen, live cover).
Stallion Information (if applicable)
Examples: blanketing, putting under lights, changing nutrition planes, etc.
Does the mare currently have a foal at her side?
If none, write NONE
If none, write NONE
Examples: pasture rest, light work, start show schedule, etc.
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