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Our Services

Regular Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

Our veterinarians are always accessible 24-7-365 for emergency concerns regardless of the weather!

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Our Services

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Sports Medicine

Keep your equine athlete performing his best whether he goes to work every day or just on the weekends. We are equipped with portable digital X-ray and ultrasound, which allow us to make a diagnosis stall-side and create an appropriate treatment plan to get your horse on the fast track to soundness. Our veterinarians can assist with lameness issues from routine problems such as foot abscesses to complete performance evaluations and joint injections.


From conception to birth and all the steps along the way, Iowa Equine can assist you with your equine reproductive needs. Whether you are producing your next champion or carrying on the legacy of your favorite mare or stallion, Dr. Taylor Isberner has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your breeding goals.

Reproductive services we offer:


  • Phantom training
  • Semen collection and shipment
  • Freezing semen
  • Cooled semen evaluation and testing
  • Semen analysis, processing, and centrifugation
Stallion Breeding Form


  • Breeding soundness evaluation
  • Artificial insemination with cooled and frozen semen
  • Diagnosis and management of the subfertile mare
Mare Breeding Form

Pregnancy Management

  • Pregnancy diagnosis
  • Twin reduction
  • High-risk pregnancy management
  • Post-foaling management
  • Neonatal services


Your horse’s dental care is essential to his well-being and regular examinations and dental maintenance are especially necessary for today’s horses. With proper dental care, your horse will use feed more efficiently, maintain proper body weight, and carry a bit more comfortably when bridled. Our veterinarians have received additional training in equine dentistry and are equipped with the latest dentistry equipment, making dental procedures more effective and more comfortable for your horse from routine floats to advanced equilibrations and extractions.

In-House Laboratory

No need to wait for blood test results when your horse is sick. We are able to run complete blood work in-house to evaluate how your horse’s immune system is working and assess how major organs are functioning. We also perform all fecal egg counts in-house, so you don’t have to worry about altered results from sample damage in shipping. Iowa Equine is an accredited Coggins lab and can perform Coggins tests for all horses who need them at our in-house laboratory.


Iowa Equine veterinarians know horses are as different as the whorls on their foreheads. We can help you tailor vaccine and deworming plans to fit each of your equine athletes and companions so they are protected from the pasture to the show pen. For horses who show or travel routinely, we offer electronic Coggins and health certificates, making forgotten forms a thing of the past. You can print as many forms as you would like with this system or access any of your horse’s required documents from your smartphone or tablet.


Buying horses can be a considerable financial commitment. We can help you evaluate your prospect for soundness and longevity with a pre-purchase examination. Iowa Equine has the most advanced digital X-ray system on the market, which allows us to take our lameness exams further and evaluate joints for evidence of existing or impending problems so you can make the best and informed purchase possible. We also offer economical drug screening options for NSAIDs, sedatives, and more—please inquire when making your appointment.

Pre-Purchase Form


Emergencies can happen at any time, not just during business hours. When those situations arise, Iowa Equine offers ambulatory services for established clients. Each veterinarian has an equipped vehicle and can travel to various locations on weekends and before 8:00am or after 5:00pm on weekdays to serve you. We also offer telehealth communications when you are unsure whether your situation is an emergency—a trusted professional can help you determine the best next step.

Complementary Therapies

Class IV Laser

Photobiomodulation is a class IV laser therapy that has been a game-changer for our patients and clients. Laser therapy can provide instant relief to sore backs, speed wound healing, reduce soft tissue inflammation, and more. Our lead assistant provides laser therapy twice per week as prescribed by our veterinarians.


Acupuncture is a sought after treatment by horse owners because of its demonstrated safety and minimal side effects. It is well-tolerated by most horses and provides a drug-free approach to address musculoskeletal pain, which can enhance equine performance.

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Recovery Care

Horses require large amounts of time and meticulous care when recovering from a surgery or serious injury. Iowa Equine offers recovery care in-house for patients. Whether your horse just had a successful colic surgery, bowed a tendon and needs stall rest, or needs intensive medications for an eye issue, our dedicated equine support staff and veterinarians are here to maintain their care so they have a successful road to recovery.

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